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28.07.2020 - 18:30

Instagram video views

Posting videos on Instagram is a new trend that is being followed by both ordinary people and organizations. Any user of the Network can shoot and post their content in this social network, if, of course, they choose the correct video format for Instagram.

What video formats does Instagram support

Since Instagram is focused on mobile gadgets, the creators of this social network have done everything possible to make sure that the videos posted on It run without problems on smartphones and tablets. A instagram video views that was taken on your phone can be published for sure. However, if you are shooting videos with a professional video camera, you will have to check whether they meet the requirements of Instagram.

For fasting

You can post videos in the following formats:
• 3G2;
• 3GP;
• 3GPP;
• MOV;
• AVI;
• WMV;
• MKV;
• GIF.

For videos shot in horizontal orientation, the following requirements apply:

  • resolution-at least 600×315 px;
  • the recommended aspect ratio is 1.9:1.
  • «weight» — no more than 4 GB;
  • duration – no more than 1 min.

For square format videos:

  • resolution-at least 600×600 px;
  • aspect ratio – 1: 1;
  • «the weight» – up to 4 GB;
  • duration – up to 1 min.

For vertical orientation videos, the same requirements apply, with the exception of resolution (at least 600×750 px) and aspect ratio (4:5).
Instagram supports only 2 codecs-H. 264 and VP8. as for the bitrate (the amount of data that is transmitted per unit of time), it should not exceed 3500 KB/s. It is advisable to upload a video with a bitrate of 3000 KB / s, otherwise the quality of the video will not be very good.

When you think about placing video content, keep in mind that vertical videos are not the best option for posting on Instagram. This is due to the fact that they take up most of the display when viewed from a mobile phone. Therefore, people are not comfortable to like or comment on such videos.

How to change the video format

If the characteristics of a video taken on Instagram do not match those required for posting on the social network, you need to change them. Otherwise, the system will automatically compress the roller to the required parameters. Usually, compression is performed to the minimum values, which leads to a significant decrease in quality.

You can personally change the characteristics of a video clip using certain apps and services. There are programs for both computer and smartphone / tablet.

Most popular:

  • Movavi;
  • Adobe Premiere;
  • Sony Vegas.

Changing the video format using Movavi:

  1. Click on the «Add files» button and click on «Add video».
  2. Select the desired video in the window that appears and click the «Open» button.
  3. Specify the format you want to convert the file to.
  4. Click the «Start» button to start converting the video clip to the specified format. When the conversion is complete, the folder with the video opens.

In Adobe Premiere:

  1. use the mouse to Move the video directly to the app window.
  2. Click on «Add files» to upload the video files.
  3. Click on the triangle label that says » Convert all files to:». Specify the format to convert the files to.
  4. Click on «Convert all». The conversion procedure will be started, and you can follow its progress on a special indicator.

Via Sony Vegas:

  1. Upload the video file to the app. To do this, look at the left side of the Sony Vegas interface. It contains a file Manager and shows the structure of disks and folders that are on the PC and connected gadgets. Go to the folder where the video is placed and drag it to the scale that is located along the bottom of the working window. The app will determine the length of the video clip itself.
  2. Since the program itself inserts transitions in new videos, and you only need to change the format, get rid of the useless effect, oth

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